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Our core values

We at Faith Church earnestly desire and prayerfully strive to be a . . .


God-Centered Church

We value the centrality of God in everything. We exist by Him, through Him and for Him. The chief purpose of every decision, event, meeting or ministry exists to glorify God and enjoy Him forever


Gospel-Focused Church

We value the functional centrality of the glorious gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ in each of our lives. In the gospel, we are made children of God, not by our efforts to be perfect like Jesus, but because of our perfect Savior’s work to make great sinners like us heirs of unfathomable promises, now and forever. To be moved and melted by this grace is our continual pursuit.


Prayer-Empowered Church

We value prayer because we are dependent people. We believe that we must make prayer the visible engine of all our efforts in ministry and worship. We will seek to live lives that earnestly wrestle with God, as well as rest in God through prayer.


Bible-Saturated Church

We value being saturated with the Word of God, the Bible, which is God’s reliable, authoritative and sufficient revelation. We desire to grow in our love for the Word, as well as a deepening understanding of it, in each person within the church. The goal of all this is that we will obey it and grow to more love God with all our heart, soul and mind.


Disciple-Producing Church

We value growth in obedience in action and character (Christ-likeness) in every believer, as all of us become the disciples God intends us to be. We value an intentionality to make and reproduce disciples according to God’s Word.


Multi-Generational Church

We value when young and old grow together spiritually and live lives of worship together. God calls one generation to praise God, and live out his or her faith, to another generation. We value a diversity of ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities which live together in harmony and with one voice praise the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Love-Expressing Church

We value the Spirit-led expression of love within the body of Christ and towards unbelievers. We desire to grow as a true family grows or as a healthy body functions. We believe this love comes by the Holy Spirit through faith in Christ. This love must mark us as God’s children and will result in our being a brighter light in a dark world.


Mercy-Manifesting Church

We value the pursuit of justice and mercy on behalf of the poor, downcast, stranger, broken, marginalized, ignored, and brokenhearted. As representatives of Christ, we will seek to manifest mercy and justice to those suffering in front of us, whether inside the church family or without. Recognizing ourselves as recipients of undeserved mercy, we will seek to generously care for those in need as we are able.


Mission-Mobilizing Church

We value missions and evangelism as the privilege God has given us as His ambassadors, accomplishing His goal of spreading the knowledge of His glory to all the nations. We desire to pursue Christ’s guidance and empowerment in the building of His Kingdom among all the peoples of the world, because we treasure Him above all things.

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